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PC Miller, 2.22 A Ghost Story, UK & Ireland tour, (Director Isabel Marr) 

Mina Chenka, Out of Control, The Kings Head Theatre, (Director Andrew Beckett) 

Eloisa Scrooge, Ghosted Another F***ing Christmas Carol, The Other Palace, (Director Andrew Beckett)

Janie, Looking Good Dead, No.1 Tour, (Director Jonathan O'Boyle)

Ophelia,  SH!T-FACED SHAKESPEARE'S HAMLET, Leicester Square Theatre, (Director Stacey Norris)

Margot Banks, Delicacy, The Space, (Director Sammy Glover)

Amy, THE INTERROGATION OF SANDRA BLAND, Bush Theatre, (Director Omar Elerian)

Rachel, Terra Firma, Etcetera Theatre, (Director Ryan Watson) 

Counsellor, Cuckoos and Chrysalids, Writers Bloc (Writer/Director Susan Grey)

Helena, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, RSC Dell/Camden Fringe, (Director Helen Crosse)

Celia, As You Like It, (Director Doug Rintoul)

Margarita Ivanovna Peryesvetova, Dying For It, (Director Sasha Milavic Davies)

Othello, Othello, (Director Sinéad Rushe)

Lady Fidget, The Country Wife (Director Wilson Milam)

Bianca, The Taming of the Shrew, (Director Gráinne Byrne)

Yelena, Uncle Vanya, (Director Yael Shavit)

Chloe, Lost In Mozart, Edinburgh Fringe Festival/ Tabernacle Theatre (Director Nicole Charles)

Maria, Twelfth Night, Lost Theatre, (Director Lynn Farleigh)


Sarah, Moneybox, Park Village, (Director Jenifer Sheridan)

Lead, Vodafone, ID2 Media, (Director Mark Poole)

Medieval Knight, The National Lottery, Partizan, (Director Peter Carstairs)

Pregnant Woman, BT, Outsider, (Director Max Fisher)

Nurse, BUDDY FILMS, Saudi Aramco, (Director Stewart Sugg)

Runner, Savills, Moxie Pictures, (Director Ben Wheatly)

Police officer, Police Now, Tonic, (Director Paul Turner)


Rebecca, This is not working, (Director Poppie Skold) 

Natalie, Night Walk, (Director Alexander Nicolaou)

Helena, Love & Spirit, (Director Helen Crosse)

Melissa,TRIM, Tales from the Motherland, (Director Monique Needham)


Police officer, Police Now, Tonic, (Director Mark Horley)


Titania, A Midsummer Night's Dream, The Show Must Go Online, (Director Rob Myles)

Web Series, Jemima Prince, #Honesty, Time Productions, (Director Ruggero Dalla Santa)

Rehearsed Reading, CHEF, Siberian Lights

Training video, A.S Watson Expert, asw/eLab, (Director Chris Carr)

V/O, Victoria Derbyshire Show, BBC2, (Director Amber Haque)

Training video, Interviewee, HSBC, OnTrack International, (Director Ben White)

Music Video, Dancer, A-STAR, SHE LIKES, (Director Isaac Semwanga)

Music Video, Dancer, BLAK, LC Supreme ft Marshan, (Director Carl Shanahan)


Mask / Clowning – John Wright (Told By An Idiot)

Black Voices, National Theatre – Paterson Joseph


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