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January 2024

These are some BTS images from my amazing photoshoot in Ghana, Accra!

New Year. New Adventures. 


Coffee Fix with a Twist!

I had a wonderful time on set working again with Nespresso, this time they had collaborated with Liberty on some beautiful products and amazing new recipes.

February 2024

2.22 Highlights!

December 2023

A highlight of my career was definitely performing as Jenny at The Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury, what an incredible feeling! I'm so glad I also got to strut around the stage in my power suit at the Kings Theatre in Edinburgh whilst performing in a cover run as Lauren. 

Tour life take 2.22


2023-09-06 21_11_37.305.JPG

I'm back on the road for the next year playing PC Miller in 2.22 A Ghost Story! We will be touring the UK & Ireland until next Summer! Its a dream to work with such a talented team!

New Writing at the Platform Festival!

I was thrilled to be performing at The Kings Head Theatre. Playing the role of Mina in a wonderful new thriller farcical play by Guido Lippe called 'Out of Control'. Directed by Andrew Beckett. 

August 2023-December 2023
May 2023
2023-05-09 14_49_07.344.JPG

But first Coffee...

April 2023

I worked with Nespresso on their upcoming campaigns. They created new recipes for St Patricks day and the Royal Coronation! They all tasted wonderful. 

Hand selfies on a hand shoot

I was just enjoying my first iced coffee of the year whist on set for Ben & Jerrys. Helping them to launch a new fantastic flavour this year!

2023-04-13 12_08_11.494.JPG
March 2023
2021-02-23 12:24:59.613.JPG

It's the most wonderful time of the year!!!

November-December 2022

You'll find me doing my thang on stage with this wonderful cast at The Other Palace Theatre! This is my first Christmas show and I couldn't be more excited!!

All bathrooms should be designed for selfies!

October 2022

I was shooting for Smirnoff Ice Christmas campaign! Not Christmas in the UK though of course, not a woolly hat or jumper in site! 

2022-10-20 11_30_50.104.JPG

Hands EP cover debut!

September 2022

My Hands graced the cover for new EP called Honey by Girl with the Pearl! It was a sticky but very fun shoot!

2022-09-06 19_19_41.362.JPG

28 cities & 11 months later!!!

January-May 2022

My longest UK tour came to an end in May. I had an absolutely incredible year, visiting brand new cities & making amazing memories with a wonderful bunch of people! 



December 2021

I was lucky enough to bag myself an advert in between my break from the tour! It was so lovely to work with such a wonderful production company :)

2021-07-01 15_00_02_edited.jpg

I'm thrilled to say I'm currently touring the UK with the wonderful Looking Good Dead company, performing in beautiful theatres each week! With everything that's happened over the past year and a half its an absolute dream come true to be back on the stage. I couldn't be happier!

2021-07-01 19_57_59_edited.jpg

Living that touring life!!

June-Oct 2021
IMG_3138 2_edited.jpg
ac910f89-e46c-4cf3-babd-b7dfcfb21696 2.JPG

Long awaited studio session!!

November 2021

As you can see by my face I'd really missed being on set! I had a wonderful two day shoot with the extremely talented Robin Gautier.

Don't worry. Be happy.

April 2021



May 2021

I had the pleasure of shooting with Barkers-Woode for her new Spring collection. As you can see I was very excited about this! 

Fianally something to get excited about in the UK! The reopening of indoor classes means I can begin teaching! Here's another snap from the C/C shoot!

2021-01-31 12:20:48.638.JPG

New Website Launch

February 2021

This was a photoshoot for the new website launch at Core Collective where I will be teaching Cycle classes! I felt so proud to be part of it!

Vodafone Advert!

February 2021

When in Ghana...


I felt so lucky to be cast in an advert whilst the pandemic was still happening. It was a fantastic day with a great crew!

2021-03-09 10:20:18.391.JPG

Sanps from my amazing shoot with La Mode Afrique whilst I was in Ghana!

March 2020
2021-03-09 10:17:35.581.JPG

Insta vs Reality

2021-02-23 12:25:05.989.JPG
January 2021

Lockdown 3.0 clearly beginning to have an effect on me. Don't worry I'm ok, just have to keep telling myself that this to shall pass...

Christmas came early!

December 2020
thumbnail_2020-12-15 151710.576.jpg
thumbnail_2020-12-15 155611.142.jpg
thumbnail_2020-12-15 152200.631.jpg

Despite the 2020 craziness I became a cycle instructor at Core Collective! Catch me on the timetable in 2021!

Home workout 2.0

November 2020

2nd lockdown meant continuing with the home workouts to help keep sane but also to keep me in shape!


State Side Shots

October 2020

I loved getting creative on this shoot. Using the use of coloured gels to create different moods. I was definitely in my element!

thumbnail_2020-11-10 155826.115.jpg

Metta to the rescue!

New hair. Same me.

September 2020
August 2020

After the lockdown highs & lows a manicure and photoshoot with the super talented Metta was well and truly needed! Don't fear masks were worn throughout! 


I did feel like I was walking taller with my new braids but that may just be because they were so heavy that I had to adjust my posture haha. 

G.H.D Celebrations!!

July 2020
thumbnail_2020-07-17 112634.249.jpg
thumbnail_2020-07-17 112800.730.jpg
thumbnail_2020-07-17 112321.998.jpg

It would of been rude not to have a photoshoot to celebrate getting my hair done after 4 months of it being tied up in a bun! 

thumbnail_2020-06-21 183853.055.jpg

Lockdown Photoshoot

June 2020

My flatmates and I got creative in our garden and had a Midsummer Nights Dream themed photoshoot!

Stay Safe.

Stay Fashionable.

thumbnail_2020-06-18 105239.295.jpg

Posing for Boux

May 2020

It felt incredible to be featured on Boux Avenue's website in one of their new bikini's! Keep it coming!

thumbnail_2020-06-18 105350.965.jpg

I bought some beautiful face masks and got a lovely feature on the designers instagram page.

June 2020

A Dream come true!

April 2020

I performed in my first lockdown zoom Shakespeare production! It was a great experience & helped keep me busy and focused during these crazy times.


#Honesty Trailer

March 2020

Here's a still from the trailer of the web series I'll be in later this year!

Thankfully I'd already done my morning stretches before getting into various positions to get 'perfect' shots!

Beauty Pie.jpg
February 2020

Beauty Pie 


January 2020

I felt very lucky to be working with TUC on their new campaign helping women in the workplace.

Beauty Pie 3.JPG
December 2019

Colour match

Finding my perfect shade with Beauty Pie.

Luke D 3 2019.JPG

Getting creative with my face!

November 2019

Having lots of fun with the 2nd year Photography students at David Game College

Luke D 4 2019.JPG
Mets Nov 2019.jpg
Mets 2 Nov 2019.JPG
Mets 3 Nov 2019.JPG

I just can't get enough!

November 2019

Another wonderful shoot with NailsbyMets, all the autumn feels.

My medieval debut!  

October 2019

BTS for an exciting commercial hitting the TV screens in November!


Fresh shots of my face

September 2019

I've just signed with a fabulous BBA so new snaps was a must! I was lucky enough to get them done by the wonderfully talented Sam Mackay!

Activia secret shoot!

August 2019

BTS Hand modelling for an exciting new Activia product launch!

file8-1[2] (1).JPEG

Getting Shit-faced for Shakespeare!

June-Sept 2019

I made my West End debut playing Ophelia in Shit-faced Shakespeare's production of Hamlet at Leicester Square Theatre.


New Writing- Foreword Festival! 

April-May 2019

I'm performing as Margot Banks in Delicacy by new writer Mark Jones as part of the Foreword Festival at The Space. 7th-11th May.

Spring is here!!!

March 2019

Amazing shoot with NailsbyMets & Bernadette Baska. Making sure we get ahead of all the upcoming Spting/Summer nail trends.

Another Editorial!

February 2019

First studio shoot in a very long time and it was so lovely being inside and not having to rely on the weather holding out!

IMG_2003 (1).jpg

Take two with Metta

January 2019

Great to be creating new looks for the seasons with 'NailsbyMets' again! Many more to come this year!

Editorial Shoot  

November 2018
Fantastic shoot for online fashion magazines, all styling my ASOS

Amazon shoot

October 2018
Great two day shoot for an exciting new Amazon App!

QW Luxury's New Collection

September 2018

Getting to shoot for the new sunglasses collection. Great collaboration with a new brand from the USA!


BT Commercial!

August 2018

Behind the scenes on my latest commercial for BT. I love being around so many creatives at one time! 

Short film Project

July 2018

Some fellow creatives and I have just created a short film from scratch. I feel very proud to be creating my own work. 

Bio Oil BTS

June 2018

I got to be pregnant in this shoot and was told by all how much it suited me! Fab shoot and great to work with a brand that I know works.

My Business Cards have Arrived!

May 2018

After having new head shots I knew I had to step it up with business cards to match.

May 2018

Fitness/Lifestyle shoot

Behind the scenes photos from my fitness/lifestyle shoot.

I had amazing new headshots taken by Dan Barnett. They are all now available to view on my Gallery page.

Shots of my face! 

April 2018

Behind the scenes-NailsbyMet Photoshoot

March 2018

This is my first of many upcoming shoots with Nailbymet, where we will be exploring various patterns, seasonal styles and you'll even get to see my face soon! 

Night shoot fun!

February 2018

I had my first night shoot experience working with director Chris Carr on an up coming Superdrug project.


January 2018​

I took part in this eye opening workshop for black actresses run by Rakie Ayola exploring clasical text and how to keep it alive!

Henna Launch

January 2018


Watch Now
I shot this week with Photographer Indy Sagoo to launch Paven Dhanjal's new henna range.
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